What do you do when something breaks? There are choices: use it even though it’s broken (my car has a small dent, and I have no plans to fix it); throw it away and buy a new one (which bizarrely often costs more – in money if not in carbon footprint); or fix it. When somethings break we want to fix them because they are special to us – I have a plate that broke and is now glued back together – but we don’t use it any more.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi takes broken pottery and restores it using Gold or Silver – which means the mended item retains its history, carries the marks being remade – which are now a valuable feature, and also becomes useful once again.

People break too and we never suggest they should be thrown away and replaced. Sometimes we continue living broken; sometimes we fix broken bodies and minds.

The Resurrection of Jesus tells another story. Human beings, broken by sin, broken in body, mind and spirit can, in Christ, be raised to new life. Their past is not forgotten, it is forgiven; and they are marked, at every broken place with a most precious thing: the blood of Christ.

you were ransomed … not with perishable things like silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ 1Pe2:9f




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