Children of any age are always welcome to come to our services.

We have an area at the back of the church with books and activities where children can be entertained during the service.

We will usually be able to offer a pop-up Sunday School at the back of the church during the sermon for any children who are present.

    Mums’ Meeting Point

    Meeting Point is a friendly and welcoming group for little ones and their parents/carers. Children can play with toys and do some crafts while their parents/carers enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and chat. There is a term-time programme that includes discussion topics, speakers and activities. We end with some children’s singing time and once a month, informal toddler worship (Fledglings). Members of the group are welcome to make suggestions for the programme.

    We meet every Tuesday in term-time from 9:45 am to 11:15 am in the church centre.

    Special Events for Children

    There are various events through the year that are created for children:


    Our annual Christingle service is held at the beginning of December. Look out for details on our website or on the Christmas Card we distribute before Christmas.

    A Christingle is an orange decorated with ribbons, sweets, and a candle – and it tells the story of Jesus.

    Nativity Service

    On Christmas Eve each year, we have a Nativity Service where children (and adults) can come dressed up (or not) as one of the characters of the Christmas Story (or something else) as we re-enact what happened that first Christmas.

    Easter Kids

    For Easter, we have a craft morning followed by a short act of worship where we explain the Easter Story. Ending with an Easter-egg hunt.