Have you heard people talk about Work/Life balance? As if work isn’t part of life?

As Christians, we might be tempted to talk about the Spiritual and non-Spiritual aspects of our lives. We’re being ‘spiritual’ when we worship in Church, but not when we’re doing the washing-up/shopping/our ‘day job’ etc.

I don’t really like that distinction, because our faith is a part of who we are; and those tasks we do in common with people who do not own Christ as their saviour, should also be done as an act of worship.

You may have heard the phrase: Whole of Life Discipleship. It’s a concept that considers everything we are and do, to be a part of our life in Christ.

We have our APCM this week. A business meeting that is a part of our life, worship and witness to Christ and His Resurrection.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” Col 3:17

Whole of Life

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