There’s a singer called Joe King (actually, there are two – one in the US who has a Wikipedia page and one in the UK who doesn’t. I’m talking about the Brit) who wrote a song which contains the line “Life is a journey, so precious yet so brief, cherish each moment for time is such a thief.” It’s in the first track of a 1994 album written as a reflection of personal pain and experiencing God’s love through it.

You may not be a song-writer, but I wonder what you might say about your own experience of God?

Joe King’s experience was of God being with him, and the song ends with the words: “Every single day I’ll be next to you, every single day I’ll be right by your side.”

God with us on the journey of life. What a wonderful testimony.

But it’s not just on the journey that we can experience God’s presence; this is not an aimless wandering but a journey with a destination:

“Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory” John 17:24.



Where to?

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