It began In the Beginning.

It will end in The End.

But what came between, and what matter?

The song of the Angels; I need by you; Blessed he said.

Follow, Go, Heal, Learn, Teach he said.

5+2=5,000 – there is enough for all – and me

But not all will come – I come.

To sing Hosanna, to eat bread and wine, to watch and pray, to deny

But he will go, alone; he will suffer, alone; he will die, alone.

Because it matters. Because it was needed.

To me, by me, for me.

And what came next is still between because it is not yet The End.

And what came next also matter

Because it changes The End. for me

The saviour saves. The saviour has saved. me

He promised life, he is alive, not dead.

Buried no more, He Has Risen.




East Tor

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