Most of us have household objects that we use for something different to the thing they were made for. Perhaps it’s a straightened-out paper clip we use to press hard to reach buttons, or a book that’s acting as a doorstop. Sometimes, like the paperclip, we’re not missing out on much. Other times, as with the book, we’re missing out on the main thing it can give us.

There are lots of things that the Gospel can be used for. You can use the Gospel to gain a sense of purpose in life. The Gospel can form the basis for happier and healthier societies. It can act as a model for moments of truth and reconciliation. The Gospel can undoubtably help with your emotional wellbeing.

All these things are good, but we fail to realise just how powerful the Gospel is until we use it for the thing it is for. Paul says in our reading today “I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes”. (Rom 1:16 ESV) The reason the Gospel has power to heal societies and bring purpose and joy is because, deeper than all these things, it has the power to save people.


What is the Gospel for?

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