Why do you want to go to heaven? What are you looking forward to? Maybe that seems like a bizarre question – who wouldn’t want to live forever in a place of joy and peace? But won’t it get boring? A popular video on the internet a few years ago suggested eternal life would be like trying to eat an everlasting cake – pleasant at first, but quickly becoming dull and sickly.

The Bible’s answer to the question is that more than all the other blessings, God’s presence is what makes heaven heavenly. Heaven is lovely because it is his dwelling place (Psalm 84:1). Eternal life isn’t like eating a everlasting cake, dull, lifeless and unvarying. It’s an everlasting relationship with an endlessly wonderful, beautiful person who reveals every day new and amazing things about themselves that you’d never dreamt of before.

And that, truly, is something worth looking forward to!


Pie in the Sky?

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