How would I get your attention? I could call your name. That ought to work if I’m close enough and there isn’t too much background noise (and unless you’re engrossed in something). Or I could wave? If you’re looking and there aren’t too many other people waving, you might see me. But would you think I’m just saying ‘hello’ and not come over? Sometimes people feel so invisible and ignored that they shout loudly (in voice or in metaphor) or do something obstructive or even destructive – just to get noticed.

What about God? How could He get my attention? For Elijah, it was a gentle whisper rather than the rock-breaking wind-earth-and-fire (see 1 Kings 19). CS Lewis suggested that pain “is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” Are we deaf to him? Do we need rousing?

Many people think God only says negative things like “do this”, and “don’t do that”, and so they close their ears. But what if God is really saying “come and celebrate at my feast”, and “It’s OK, I’ve got this”, and “joy and peace”?

As the angel said to the shepherds: “Good news of great joy” Luke 2:10




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