If Jesus said to you ‘follow me’, what would you expect? When you ‘follow’ someone on X (Twitter), it means you get to see what they’ve said. So maybe ‘following’ Jesus is just about hearing what he has to say. Buy a Bible and read it. But reading and hearing, aren’t the same as agreeing and doing.

Or maybe I should walk where he goes, stay where he stays, be associated with him, and let people see me there. But is ‘walking with’ more about purpose than proximity? and wouldn’t ‘with’ be focused on him, rather than me?

Or maybe my response could be to make a plan, and make sure Jesus is part of it. Grow up, get a Job, marry, have kids, get a better job, retire and play golf – all with Jesus on the side.

Or maybe I let my life mimic his life – like playing ‘follow my leader’. Although I might leave out walking on water and wearing a circlet of thorns and getting crucified.

Jesus explained: it’s not satisfying curiosity, or making me great; Jesus on the side isn’t Jesus in the centre. Dying on a cross was a once-for-all thing that he did for us.

But ‘whoever loses their life for my sake will fine it.’ Matt 10:39.

May God bless you as you follow Jesus.



Following Jesus

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