Have you ever asked yourself “How do I know that my relationship with God is real?” There are lots of reasons you might find yourself asking that – perhaps a difficult personal experience, or a particularly humbling failure, or a period of dryness in your prayer life. Most people go through periods of doubt for one reason or another at some stage in their Christian life.

Sometimes the doubt is of a more intellectual kind. “How can I know my relationship with God is real, as in, how can I know Jesus really revealed God to us, really died and rose again, has really sent the Spirit to us?” There are lots of ways to answer that question, but our passage this week points us to one of the most fundamental. Christianity is based not just on ideas people came up with, but on things the Apostles heard, saw, touched and testified to. (1 John 1:1) The reality of our relationship with God is grounded, not on feelings or imagination, but on documented events in the real world.



Faith grounded in history

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