With over 700,000 words, the Bible is quite a long read (it’s 1189 chapters, so if you read one chapter a day, it will take you more than 3 years). Some of it is stories you can really get into, but quite a lot isn’t; some is quite obscure; and if you begin at the beginning, it will be quite a long time before you first hear the name of the most important character.

So, if someone asked you “What’s the Bible about?”, what would you say? Maybe you’d try changing the subject. But maybe your questioner knows that you read it (I hope you do!) and will press you.

You might say “It’s God’s Word” (which is a bit technical), or “The Book God has given us”, which says what the Bible is, but not really what it’s about.

Some years ago I was reminded by an elderly member of the church, of the time I had summarised the Bible in 5 words – I’d forgotten, but that short conversation with Hugh fixed it in my mind (thank you, Hugh). 5 words to summarize the whole Bible, 5 words as a caption and an invitation that might encourage someone to open and read for themselves. 5 words.

God says, “I love you”.



5 Words

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