I read recently that one sign of a bright child is that the child will make up new rules for a game. Making up a new game or extending an existing game is one thing, but I’ve also seen children making up new rules so they can win more easily. What better way to win than to change the rules in your favour?!

Or is that just another form of cheating? Of course, the trouble with cheating is that it confuses the truth (I am the best) with a lie (I want the rewards and accolades of being the best). But cheating only works if no-one finds out.

I wonder if we could be guilty of doing that with God’s law? We know what it says, but we would like it to say something different, so we adjust it, make excuses, or ignore it. After all, if the law doesn’t let me win, it must be the law that’s wrong, mustn’t it?

Or is there another approach? What if we resolved to live under God’s law learning it and meditating on it and framing our lives on it? What do you think would be the effect?


Ps 119:11 – I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.


My law, Your law?

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