We live in a world where there is a wonderful array of difference. Different flowers, different foods, different people, different nations, different cultures. And that difference highlights what a glorious world God has created.

Difference should be a matter of rejoicing and a celebration, but sometimes instead it becomes an excuse for mistrust, distrust and conflict. It happens in families as jealousy displaces joy, it happens between companies vying for market share, it happens when the desires of one country impinge on the rights of another, and it happens in the church too.

The Bible doesn’t try to hide conflict in the church – but does confront it. There can be no disunity in the church because there is One God and One Lord, Jesus Christ, we are all part of his (one) body, and we are all saved by his one perfect, sufficient, sacrifice on the cross.

As we look at the second half of Ephesians 2, we see Paul responding to what was one of the first serious issues of disunity in the church. Sadly it wouldn’t be the last, but perhaps it can give us some guidance in recognising and avoiding such divisions now and in the future.

“In Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit”.

Eph 2:22


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