Last weekend, people across the country and around the globe gathered around their TV screens to join those at Westminster Abbey in praying for the King. Our Psalm last week (Psalm 20) was also written as a prayer for King David. Both the prayers on Saturday and the Psalm on Sunday expressed our hopes for the future, both for the King and for society at large.

This week’s Psalm (Psalm 21) is also a Psalm of hope. But unlike the previous Psalm, it isn’t about things we would like to happen in the future and hope God will bring about. It’s about things we are confident God will bring about in the future and are looking forward to. In this Easter season, we remember that Jesus is a King who has God’s sure promise of victory and everlasting life. His resurrection gives us a confidence in the future no other king can offer. While we may have hopes for Charles, we can only hope in Jesus.


Send him victorious

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